We help small businesses increase their revenue, profits and sales by creating a Client Generation Engine that will enable you to generate leads, customers and sales on demand.

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Dear business owners,

Do you struggle to find the time, money and the expertise required to be able to generate leads on demand?

If you're like me, your inbox is flooded with marketing messages, spanning every imaginable topic: SEO, social media, blogging, copywriting, web design, etc.

You may be also getting bombarded with offers, webinars, courses and videos, all pointing you to the next "bright shiny object", trick and tactic that promises to double your traffic overnight. All BS!

While there are many great, trusted online marketing resources out there, most of us feel like we're constantly gathering pieces of a ginormous jigsaw puzzle. What you really need is the puzzle itself!

Our geek-free blueprint has revolutionized many businesses by breaking down confusing, overwhelming marketing into a simple 5 step game plan.


Most business owners I help do not have a client generating system in place.

They know they need a predictable way to generate clients, customers and patients, but they can't seem to figure out how to create it.

They hire agency after agency, maybe even some in-house staff members, to help them generate a steady stream of quality leads to fill their pipeline or buy their products, but it never comes to fruition.

They don't understand what's missing.

Is it the advertising platforms they're using?

Is it the ads themselves?

Is it their sales and follow up systems? Offers? Strategy?

They waste thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars trying to crack the code, along with endless hours, yet are no closer to accomplishing a predictable selling system.

They're left feeling confused, exhausted and defeated.

They move from one agency to another, hoping to see better results, yet grow more and more worried as the cycle repeats.

The agency owners who were tasked with helping them aren't left feeling much better.

They truly wanted to produce the results their clients were looking for, and sought to get them an incredible return on investment from their ad spend.

But, as they continue to try and fail, they also get more discouraged as to why it's not working as planned, and anxiety consumes them before every client call or interaction.


I help business owners control their client acquisition, keeping their pipeline full of high quality leads that convert into patients, customers or clients in a predictable and repeatable way.

Not only do my systems generate leads, bookings and clients, they allow you to automate 90% of the actions that it takes to acquire, nurture, close and fulfill for them.

Escape the need for ‘human hours' and replace yourself, while also reducing the 'human error' that comes with manual tasks from entry level staff.

Using this approach, your business grows without the stress, time, and frustration you've experiences in the past.

Your advertising results increase and so do your sales and profits.

This is not our first rodeo, we know what works.

Our hope is to shrink the amount of time it takes, for you to go from ZERO to a fire-breathing dragon who is completely dominating your market.





Generate leads, sales appointments and clients following a proven blueprint to get results..

Client Attraction

Stop relying on networking events, seminars or referrals to get clients. Get high quality leads 100% online..

Client Conversion

Stop wasting time on calls. Pre-qualify leads so you only speak prospects that actually WANT to work with you.

"George uses 3rd party data from Oracle which has allowed us to build targeted audiences you can't find anywhere else. This allowed us to grow our company effectively by targeting the right people at the right time".

Michael Crespo

Health & Wellness




Sales Funnels

As a marketing agency, we'll roll out your new product or offer to the market for you; fast, reliably and profitably. It doesn't matter if you are a service provider, local business owner or if it's a digital product. We will handle your digital presence with our Done For You System!

Lead Generation

Get a steady stream of leads and customers hitting your website from expertly executed paid traffic campaigns. We will create your ads, copy, images, landing pages and split test the whole thing to make sure you're getting great lead cost and conversion rates...

Ad Management

Build your audience fast with our video campaigns, branding campaigns, click and conversion campaigns. We will help you generate hundreds if not thousands of leads using Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube Ads.

Email Marketing

Whether it's sending broadcast emails or setting up more complex email campaigns we'll write the copy to help nuture your list. A good drip sequence sends the right automated emails at the right time. You can expect quality content that moves prospects through your sales funnel in order to get them to buy.

Ad Retargeting

Retargeting keeps your products at top of mind as they continue browsing the internet, whether they're on social media, their favorite news site, or researching your competitors. Serious marketers today use retargeting as a vital tool to connect with their customers and increase their sales.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to assist with lead generation and engagement with contacts in a relevant, personal way, in a simple, repeatable and scalable process. We will place your entire lead generation efforts completely on autopilot.

Get More Traffic, More Sales & Conversions From A Well Designed Client Generation Blueprint.

Our social media paid advertising will help you generate immediate results on social media. We connect your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them.

Our social media advertising services will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today.

What makes us unique from other agencies is that everything we build for you it's yours to keep, your landing pages, videos, offers and VSL's etc.

Our job is to build you an amazing Lead Generation System that runs like and ATM machine. For every dollar you put in you will get multiple back.

With me, it's not about simply meeting your ROI goals; it's about smashing them. My unique approach is streamlined for fast results so I can move quickly from our first conversation to generating sales.

George Perez Sr.

3 Steps To Record Breaking ROI

Step 1: Research

We start by researching both your competition and target audience to ensure your offers will perform while preserving ample profit margin.

I then formulate a rock-solid strategy to get your ads directly in front of your customers at exactly the right time to encourage click-throughs and conversion.

Step 2: Implement

Next, my experienced team of content creators craft compelling ads that maximize click-through rates (CTR) well above average ads. The result? More leads or sales at a lower cost per conversion. I also test variations on landing page designs to ensure every dollar returns the most value. No need to hire a separate designer or developer. My team can do it all.

Step 3: Optimize

I use a unique optimization technique that utilizes Big Data to get big results. I then adjust approach based on performance data to ensure maximum return. This ensures your campaigns dominate your niche leaving competitors in the dust.

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