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Dear Business Owners,

Just imagine waking up in the morning, turning on your computer and having a steady stream of high-quality leads booked directly into your calendar.

Being able to sleep better at night because you never have to struggle again to generate leads and appointments!

BUT SADLY HERE ARE THE REAL FACTS; most business owners I help do not have a client generating system in place.

They know they need a predictable way to generate clients, customers and patients, but they can't seem to figure out how to create it.

They hire agency after agency, maybe even some in-house staff members, to help them generate a steady stream of quality leads to fill their pipeline or buy their products, but it never comes to fruition.

They don't understand what's missing.

Is it the advertising platforms they're using?

Is it the ads themselves?

Is it their sales and follow up systems? Offers? Strategy?

They waste thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars trying to crack the code, along with endless hours, yet are no closer to accomplishing a predictable selling system.

They're left feeling confused, exhausted and defeated.

They move from one agency to another, hoping to see better results, yet grow more and more worried as the cycle repeats.

The agency owners who were tasked with helping them aren't left feeling much better.

They truly wanted to produce the results their clients were looking for, and sought to get them an incredible return on investment from their ad spend.

But, as they continue to try and fail, they also get more discouraged as to why it's not working as planned, and anxiety consumes them before every client call or interaction.


I help local business owners control their client acquisition, keeping their pipeline full of high quality leads that convert into patients, customers or clients in a predictable and repeatable way.

Not only do my systems generate leads, bookings and clients, they allow you to automate 90% of the actions that it takes to acquire, nurture, close and fulfill for them.

Escape the need for ‘human hours' and replace yourself, while also reducing the 'human error' that comes with manual tasks from entry level staff.

Using this approach, your business grows without the stress, time, and frustration you've experiences in the past.

Your advertising results increase and so do your sales and profits.

This is not our first rodeo, we know what works.

Our hope is to shrink the amount of time it takes, for you to go from ZERO to a fire-breathing dragon who is completely dominating your local market.

We promise growth in these three areas:



We will help you create an irresistible offers to attract new leads, customer or patients.



We will then create a Kick-ASS marketing funnel that will help you convert those leads into booked appointments.



Automate your system so you are able to get more done with fewer staff members, errors, or hours


Are you ready to have an irresistible offer, a tailored strategy, a predictable selling system, and the back-end automations or processes you need to grow your business in the digital era?

Your Journey To Greatness Starts Here!

Here’s what you can expect with our done-for-you marketing program..


The best campaigns in the world are only as good as what they’re offering to their audience.

That’s why you need to take the time to craft your offer in a way that compels people to take action.

An irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy.

The offer seems so good that it's an easy “yes” for those who need it.

Irresistible offers significantly increase your sales and revenue by increasing the conversion of your prospects into paying customers.


Leads are the lifeblood of every business. Clients are actually the lifeblood, however, without leads there are no clients.

The process of lead generation is about attracting and converting target audiences into someone who shows interest in your company’s product or service.

While there are many ways for consumers to make a purchase with your company, there is always a process leading up to the purchase decision.

A lead generation funnel will help you visualize the entire buying journey and find where to influence it. This allows you to segment audiences, nurture prospects, and convince them to buy.


Lead conversion is the marketing process of turning leads into paying customers.

It entails all the marketing practices that stimulate a desire to buy a product or service and push a lead towards a purchasing decision.

A conversion happens when a lead (someone who is interested in your product or service) becomes a paying customer.

A true conversion occurs when you have successfully generated revenue from your marketing efforts, not just when someone has called your business or filled out a contact form.

When you have the right system in place you will be able to convert more leads into paying customers.


A nurture campaign, also known as having a great follow-up system, is a marketing discipline that focuses on, wait for it, nurturing a relationship between the potential customer and your brand.

Convert more leads with less effort through a customer journey that connects at every touchpoint.

Bring omnichannel follow-ups into your marketing will allow you to convert more visitor's into paying customers.

The secret to building a successful business is being relentless at following up with people whether its email, text messaging, retargeting or any other marketing channel available.


Create a Predictable Selling System To Generate Quality Leads, Bookings and Sales Using Social Media Advertising and Automated Sales Systems

Happy customers are our biggest motive.

Hiring more social traffic was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. The funnel they created for my company brings in 50 to 100 booked appointment every single month.

— James Michaels, Home Improvement

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Hi, its George

My company, More Social Traffic, helps local business owners leverage the power of lead generation and automation to build a consistent pipeline of leads and booked appointments. We build customized lead generating systems that will position you as a leader with-in your area. If you want to learn how to increase your revenue, profits and sales in the fastest way possible then check out 17 minute master class.


If you’ve been frustrated with taking on your marketing alone OR you’ve been let down in the past by other agencies, we want you to know, we hear you loud and clear.

From the beginning, we’ve listened to the struggles of local business owners and we found a way to lower the risk of starting with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to generate leads?

If you’re looking to get high quality leads and convert these leads into clients, we recommend you start by watching the FREE Master Class.

This free training will explain how the lead generation process works in more detail.

How much does lead generation cost?

The cost of lead generation depends on the type of lead generation strategy you will using.

If you’re using paid advertising strategies, then you simply pay per lead to the marketing channel you’re using (e.g. Facebook or Youtube ads) and decide how many leads you want each month. The cost per lead typically ranges from $5 to $50.

A lot depends on how strong is your irresistible offer.

What is unique about your done-for-you lead generation system?

There's no monthly retainer or long-term contracts. It’s only a one-time investment to get everything up and running.

A focus on getting qualified leads & appointments, rather than a high volume of low quality leads.

Includes everything you need to get results (a sales funnel, video sales letter, follow up emails, set up of multiple marketing channels, on-going support etc)

How much support do we get?

As a client, you get lifetime ongoing support for everything related to your done for you lead generation campaign. There are no extra fees or hidden costs.

What happens if it doesn't work?

If for any reason the funnel does not convert as expected, it’s very easy to diagnose the problem and fix it. All we need to do is look at your funnel and see where the “weakest link” is.

For example, are you getting a lot of traffic and very few leads? This likely mean the messaging for your audience is not a good fit and needs to be tweaked.

Or, are you getting a lot of leads and only a few appointments? This likely means the content in your video and/or email marketing campaigns needs to be improved.

Or, are you getting a lot of appointments and no clients? This likely means your value proposition and sales process needs to be improved.

At each step in the lead generation process we can see where it’s

working best and where it needs to be improved.

A big part of digital marketing is split testing and making improvements over time to get better results. As one of our clients, we will be help you with this whole process from start to finish.

Will this generate warm leads?

Yes, by default, this done for you lead generation campaign is designed to get warm or hot leads, rather than cold leads.

Most other lead generation campaigns get a lead to fill in a form online. But this isn’t an effective way of making sure the leads you get are your ideal clients and that they definitely want to work with you.

Instead, we use a video sales letter. A video sales letter is like having a sales person working for you 24/7.

The video sales letter will help you attract your ideal prospects and filter out the wrong kind of prospects.

Only prospects that like what they hear on the video and definitely want to work with you are the ones that will schedule a call to learn more about working with you.

You no longer have to waste time constantly speaking to the wrong kind of people. Instead, you can get leads with the ideal prospects in your target market.

Do you sell leads?

No, we don’t sell leads to clients. We help you generate your own leads either for free or by using paid advertising. You will own and be in full control of your marketing campaign.

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